Disaster Zone Podcast: Aerial Attack on Wildfires

Eric Holdeman

Eric Holdeman

Check out the latest Disaster Zone podcast: “Aerial Attack on Wildfires.” While the wildfire season is winding down for 2021, you can bet that 2022 will be another barn burner since all the recent years have been record-setting, especially in California.

This podcast will give you some great information on how an air attack works and the aircraft that provide the means to deliver — in this case, the red stuff on the red stuff.

More about this episode:

“Wildfires have dominated the disaster news, especially in the West, due to the extended drought and then extreme temperatures impacting the ability of wildfires to be really huge, covering large tracts of land that can be larger than some states. One tool used to fight these fires are aviation assets, to include helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. This podcast does a deep dive into the type of organizations and aircraft used to fight wildfires, especially with fire retardant. Nicholas Lynn, Vice President of Operations for Neptune Aviation Services walks us through what they provide as services, the aircraft, crews and more. He also explains the strategy for when to use water and when to use fire retardant and how it is employed.”

(Fonte: Goverment Tecnology) link articolo



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